Mobile Videoconferencing

Mobile Videoconferencing

More and more, small to midsize enterprises are discovering the advantages of videoconferencing.  Today's technology makes communicating with co-workers, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders easy, and utilizing videoconferencing technology can help your small businesses or organization realize significant savings and growth.
Initial videoconferencing technology was designed for one person to share his or her screen and voice. This is known as "one-to-many” videoconferencing, and it is useful for some purposes. Newer videoconferencing techniques allow several participants to be seen, heard, and to share files and applications. This is known as "many-to-many” videoconferencing, and it is a cost-effective and efficient way to bring personnel together for almost any type of meeting. As mobile devices have grown more powerful, software designers have developed ways of bringing them into the mix, too, so that now many videoconferencing platforms support mobile phones and tablets. This allows people to meet from anywhere: you can host a meeting for five people in your company boardroom, or you can host a videoconference that includes one person in your boardroom in Toronto, a client in the UK, a manager at a branch in Asia, a consultant on a train to New York, and an engineer on an off-shore oil rig. Videoconferencing makes connecting with people simple -- any time, anywhere.

Advantages of Videoconferencing

Studies show that implementing videoconferencing can save small organizations up to 50% of current travel costs. Sending your people to other locations can be necessary sometimes, but it is very expensive. The cost of airfare, accommodation, per diems, and of lost time as your employees make their way to various destinations can really add up. Replacing even a small percentage of your current face-to-face meetings with videoconferences can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
Also, because videoconferencing technology integrates VoIP telephony, you will realize immediate savings on your long-distance telephone bills between employees and branches.
Other advantages include:
  • Clearer communication. By substituting videoconferencing for phone conferencing, your stakeholders are adding a visual dimension that makes communication much more efficient. Less time is spent on clarifying what was said, since you can use visuals and graphics to make points easily. Integrating other communication technology, such as SMART boards, for example, can make communication even more effective.
  • Flexibility. Using technology to help you communicate can lend your organization flexibility. For instance, you can decide to let some of your employees work from home, cutting overhead costs. Or you can hire top-notch team members, even if they don't live in your city.
  • Strengthening relationships. Using in-house videoconferencing can be very useful for teambuilding. Adding the visual component can help to bring employees closer and to help them understand one another more quickly. Since meetings are so much easier to facilitate, team members can meet more frequently.
  • Increased possibilities for expansion. Videoconferencing can allow you to reach into markets or areas you might not otherwise be able to access, leading to new revenue streams and company growth.
  • Eco-friendly. And finally, using mobile videoconferencing technology can reduce your organization's environmental footprint – making it a good strategy for you, and for the planet!
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